Monday, January 4, 2010

Red Riding Hood In Space

Hey everyone. This is from my first visual dev. class. It was a lot of fun. So much happened this semester and sadly i wasnt able to commit as much time as i wanted, but this is what i was able to come up with for my final. We we had to choose from Dracula, Little Red, and Jack and the Beanstalk. I decided go with red and put her in space. I didnt wanna go too crazy with her, so i kept her as a cute girl.

The Story is of a female explorer that works for G. Ma (G. Ma is super computer that runs and maintains virtually everything the corporation is comprised of), that gathers crystals and ores from other planets for fuel and energy. Red in her mech suit "Hood" is sent out to a not yet excavated planet known as planet "Woodz" in search for the ores. She discovers that planet Woodz is rich with ores, so she quickly gathers some and leaves to return to with the good news. However lurking in the darkness were alien lifeforms. They watched and analyzed Red and learned she was the reason for the weakening of their planet. In anger, they send out a powerful creature to destroy G.Ma.

The creature makes it through all the guards and surveillance in the form of a dark gaseous cloud that is undetectable by human eye and technology. It successfully enters the central brain of G.Ma, and clouds up the system as a virus would, and overruns the entire operating system of G.Ma. by disguising itself as the G.Ma os. The Alien causes havoc and confusion, as the robots computers attack and destroy each other. Red was caught in the chaos and was not infected by the alien's virus. She desperately fights her own people off, both military and civilian vehicles machines robots etc. In the midst of all the destruction red sends signals out to no avail. Nearly everything was destroyed. The alien meets face to face with Red and explains it's motives, reasoning behind all of this madness "your kind is destroying our home planet so i was sent here to stop you." with this, it leaves in the form of a flying wolf thing.

As the Alien tries to escape, it is discovered by the lumber jack fleet responded to the signals and cries of distress from red and immediately came to destroy the fleeing creature. In a futile attempt to defend itself, the creature transforms from a flying wolf into a hard shelled rock asteroid looking wolf head.. thing. AND! Recieves a deadly blow from the famous and powerful Lumberjack Fleet. The G.Ma Co. systems took a mighty hit from the Aliens, but was saved and was able to recover from all destruction. I know kinda cheesy, but i tried to stay close to the original story. The End

By the way, this is an update. 2010 october, its been almost a year since avatar came out, i did this project before i even had an idea of what avatar was.