Sunday, February 21, 2010


No its not starfox. Its a Jindo! READ ABOUT IT!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Creature Design Wk.1 Wk.2

It is getting really serious this semester. But im having a butt load of fun. I did pretty bad on the gorilla, cause i wasnt postuh exaggerate the animal so much, as it would "limit me professionally" But thats okay, i learned a lot, and ill fix it when i get the chance. As for week two assignment, i am really happy with it, but i think i did it completely wrong. Wasnt postuh have too much fun with the profile one, postuh be realistic, and no clothes i think . I'm pretty sure the entire class was pretty confused. The instructions were at time contradicting. For instance a discussion question was, which primeapes were most helpful in creating your creature? Later someone in the class realizes NO, stick to the primape you studied, ONE PRIMAPE! ah... head ache. But i decided to just have fun, soCheers. This class is exactly what i wanted from the school though. we are expected to have one of these a week. Really challenging. Just what i like. HahahahahahahI will def. keepm coming this semester.