Saturday, October 16, 2010

ADV. Perspective 11 pieces

All my work so far from Adv. Perspective with Joko.We have reached mid point, and we already have 11 pieces. They are in chronological order, and some are still WIP. This class kicks ass in every way.

Samurai Hip Level (Farewell Pappy)

Samurai Feet Level (You Bastards!)

Samurai Head Level (OooOh SHih!!)

Geisha Close (Steamy Onsen)

Geisha mid/far (Sunny Pond)

Noah's Ark/ Objects on and above HL (Panda Thief)

Noah's Ark/Objects on and Below HL (Noah Strikes again in Spain)

Noah's Ark/ Down Angle (Land HO!)

Noah's Ark/Down angle (Nightmare Boat Ride)

Noah's Ark/Up angle (Sketchy Kingdom)

Noah's Ark/Up Angle (Air Pirates)

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Background painting for animation

wanted to post things from this semester, but i felt it was unfair for the works i didnt even get to post from last semester, so this should hold me down for now. Hope you guys likem, some are from movies you probably seen like peter pan and hunch back of Notre dame., i wasnt able to put everything i had for this class because of creature design, which i hate myself for, but heres what i got. Some are WIP still...

Monday, October 4, 2010

1rst Omari and Gue Workshop

thanks for inviting me guys, it was fun to finally make to one of your thang a thangs. Heres some drawings i got from there.