Sunday, December 19, 2010

Finals and Yummy Spaghetti

Im ashamed of myself. After midterm i was so drained, and i wasnt able to put as much work into my classes as i wanted, specially ADV persp. Week after week, i would do all nighters doing 3 illustrations in one night. It really hurt me. i tell you now, it is a big big big mistake to take 4 classes when taking this class. Ideally 2, 3 at most. I said suck it up and stop bitchen. Now i really regret it.

Finished Works presentation Board

For a better view click these:

Finished Preliminary works, so frustrating putting it together, cause i found out the lady resized all the pieces. So the faces were all getting messed up, so where i could salvage, i would cut around parts i didnt need to line up. in Joko's words, "ghetto" The Finished illustration was
printed at another place, someone had the exact same issue.

Egypt Theme

Aphrodite Goddess of Sexiness

Ares God of war

Mythological friends, Satyr, Centaur, Harpy ish..

Fantastic Figure Final; Maduuuusaaa!!!

Sociology Project
So we had to do something that would benefit society etc. And i chose to do something for the homeless. Its a 3d model of a public shower. For our midterm we had to do like field research, ran around the city interviewing the homeless. I found out many would shower if they could.It was so painful learning how to use 3d, cause i had to do it in one day. It was fun i wanna do more.