Saturday, October 16, 2010

ADV. Perspective 11 pieces

All my work so far from Adv. Perspective with Joko.We have reached mid point, and we already have 11 pieces. They are in chronological order, and some are still WIP. This class kicks ass in every way.

Samurai Hip Level (Farewell Pappy)

Samurai Feet Level (You Bastards!)

Samurai Head Level (OooOh SHih!!)

Geisha Close (Steamy Onsen)

Geisha mid/far (Sunny Pond)

Noah's Ark/ Objects on and above HL (Panda Thief)

Noah's Ark/Objects on and Below HL (Noah Strikes again in Spain)

Noah's Ark/ Down Angle (Land HO!)

Noah's Ark/Down angle (Nightmare Boat Ride)

Noah's Ark/Up angle (Sketchy Kingdom)

Noah's Ark/Up Angle (Air Pirates)


Anonymous said...

Oh wow Jet that is hecka good......better than good. It's great!!!!!!!! I have to say if I were to pick a fave. It's the first on the bottom. I'm a sucker for warm lighting and awesomeness!

isabella said...

nice compositions!! and I love your colors on the air pirates piece. you must make joko proud

Angeline said...

These are crazy good! My fav is the steamy onsen one. The colors are just so beautiful. You are rocking Joko's class!

That_Guy_Jet said...

thanks guys.Yeah man, work hard to make Joko proud, hehehe. ANd yeah the Steamy onsen is my fav too. Its soo unfinished though, and joko keeps given us more work, AHHHH!!! im screwed this week. I have to have 3 done by tommorow and i havnt started.

Emerson said...

crazy crazy stuff, dude!! i love how there's a story in all of your work. really nice! my favourite is the last noah's ark one too, and steamy onsen needs to be finished!

Emerson said...

post the final, youuu!!