Saturday, March 5, 2011

Alan Dolma Dawa Digital Painting

I was really bored, kind of pissed off. Hahah what?? well lately , all i do is make art for school, and freelance. It takes the fun out of it all. So after falling in love with Alan Dolma Dawa, i thought id paint her. It was really fun going back to my roots. I'm so rusty though and i truly feel she is much more beautiful then this drawing and i hope to do more on my spare time. This was also a super fail, because i wanted to do a process painting on this. WHen i was done painting, it turned out that i was recording the wrong monitor the whole time..... O well, theres always next time.


Emerson said...

nize painting, dude!! and yeah, definitely make sure it's the right monitor the next time! haha.

That one dude said...

Thanks Emerson, that was so fast! yeah i know, FAIL!!!!! I was like scanning forward and back and nothing was changing, only the photo ref was just sitting there. I was like, NOOOOOOO!! Heheh Next time!

Ricky Cometa said...

she's beautiful, awesome painting.. haha love the fail though, you shoulda posted it just for kicks.