Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Warriors Of Decay

Story: So the story is called Warriors of Decay, which already sounds like a film that would go straight to DVD. ahahah A boy at the age of 13 got revenge on vikings who pillaged his village and murdered his parents. This pimp ass kid swims out to SEA BURNS DOWN THEIR SHIPS! What a cool kid right? He grows up, 13 years later he goes on a treasure hunt to reclaim his families riches with a dwarf named bojo in caves and stuff. So the assignment is do a playstation game cover, and It says its a combination of Resident Evil and Tomb Raider. But we are allowed to do whatever with it, so i did a Poster thing.

O and thanks Po for the cliff mountain platform suggestion. Was all you! haha


Emerson Tung said...

very powerful image, bro. Love his sidekick dwarf! keep on rockin!

MoonQ Cho. said...

I love it!!