Thursday, March 15, 2012

My Visual Development Reel

Sketch Up 3d Modeling
Texturing and Paintover

3d modeling and planning
Painted Over

This is my most recent portfolio reel. Please watch in full screen 720p.
Music was made by me, inspired by incident at gate 7.


Diane Wu said...

Whaat you made that music yourself? Its awesome! Fantastic demo reel too, your characters and environments are always full of energy and life. :)

Emerson Tung said...

super kickass reel, bro. Super, super kickass. Now knock'em dead and get hired already!

That one dude said...

thanks Diane and Emmy! Yeah i put it together in garage band, nothing big. Just new that if i wanted to post it online, id have to have ownership to the material, so i said why not make my own song. Im working on it Emmerz...